Gilbane Motorsports Customer Testimonials some words from happy customers!

Zain Khan

Being a rookie rider, I felt super comfortable with the service I got at Gilbane. Matt is honest, down to earth and works super fast! He is my first resource for anything motorcycle related and Gilbane has undoubtedly earned my long term business.

Kelly Combes

I took my motorcycle in for an inspection. Being a woman, I was a little skeptical (or afraid) that I'd be taken advantage of. The guys were all awesome and friendly, yet professional. They checked my tire pressure, aired up my tires, and gave me some great advice. I am very impressed and recommend them to one and all.

Dontey Logan

Great place needed help with my Chinese scooter and even though it is hard to find parts and people who will take the time to repair your scooter they helped me great friendly people looking forward to business with them

Robin Anderson

They repaired my scooter tire, tightened the breaks, and did a bunch of other work for a very reasonable rate. They will not overcharge or suggest/perform unnecessary services (asked for an oil change and they said it wasn't needed). Helped me load and unload the scooter and made sure it got home safe. Very good work and friendly service.

Josh Dennison

Great guy and if you are in a pinch and need something fast he will do everything he can to hook you up.

Ryan Rackley

Matt, it was a pleasure to do business with you all! In my second visit the day I actually purchased my bike from Gilbane's, Matt was out running an errand; the staff didn't hesitate to start chatting with me as if I was amongst friends. I enjoyed that! That's called building good rapport and growing public relations. As a junior partner in a business that spoke volumes to me about these folks. As for the bike, I love my new (old) 1980 Kawasaki KZ650! It runs like a top and is just a blast to ride. I've wanted a vintage/classic bike for such a long time and this has completely fit the bill. Thank you again for being willing to meet me on appointment as well. I am telling everyone I know about you all. God speed and best wishes for the years to come!